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Set yourself apart by truly resonating with your audience

Your unique story captured in a Strategic Narrative, Pitch Deck, Video or Teaser. So well-crafted you'll captivate any audience, and close that important customer!

About CORE Narrative

Capture any investor's full attention with narrative

CORE Narrative enables large asset managers to memorably convey complex financial products easily through storytelling, design and communication principles.

After conducting deep briefing sessions with your portfolio manager or sales agent(s), our team constructs the story for your product. Our design and animation teams build on this story and develop incredible deliverables for your sales team. This could be a high impact PowerPoint deck, a landing page, or even a simple 30 second teaser video. 

What kind of deliverables do we make?

High-impact deliverables to articulate your story

An icon showing a megaphone with an arrow, visualizing 'Strategic Narrative'

Strategic Narrative

A Strategic Narrative is a carefully crafted story that aims to achieve a desired outcome through being engaging, authentic and differentiating.

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Pitch Decks

Our signature deliverable. Our Core Narrative pitch decks get utilised by the worlds biggest asset managers to capture & convert their leads.

An icon showing a paper with graphs and text on top of it, visualizing 'Factsheets'


A stunning infographic that serves as a teaser for your product. Its main goal is to interest viewers and convince them to set up a meeting with you.

An icon showing a play button, visualizing 'Videos'


Visual pitch collateral in video format to digitally wow your potential customer.

An icon showing an antique film roll with a play icon on top of it, visualizing 'Teasers'


10 to 30 second animated videos to provide your lead with a quick glimpse in the realm of possibilities that your product offers.

An icon showing a paper report, visualizing 'Annual Report'

Annual Report

Visual annual report showcasing your crucial data. This can be a dedicated micro page, a video or an old-school PDF. Or all of the above.

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Periodic Updates

Your clients want to stay up-to-date regarding their investments, in terms of performance and otherwise. We create stellar PDFs or microsites that do so.

An icon showing a paper with graphs and text on top of it, visualizing 'Factsheets'


One to two A4 format factsheets providing customers with all legal and statistical data of your product. We ensure consistency across the board.

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Social Media Content

All the content requirements for your social media posts on LinkedIn, Instagram and more. Be visible wherever your (future) clients are.

An icon showing a globe, visualizing 'Website'


A state-of-the-art website or landing page to convert incoming traffic into qualified leads. Who doesn't quickly check out a website before investing?

Our Process

How we create high-impact deliverables

Our proven approach has helped countless clients unlock the full potential of their products and pitches, raising tens of billions in the process.

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An icon showing a paper with a magnifying glass, visualizing 'Review existing materials'

1. Review existing material(s)

The first step of our process involves going through the existing material(s), branding guidelines, and any other relevant information. This enables us to gain an initial 'feel' for the client's style & approach.

An icon showing a two speech bubbles, visualizing 'Deep-briefing session'

2. Deep-briefing session

Once we've reviewed the existing material, we look to engage with the end-user of the deliverable (in-person or remotely) to guide us through how they typically make use of their assets.

An icon showing an open book, visualizing 'Develop a new storyline'

3. Develop a new storyline

Based on the previous steps, our analysts draft a new and improved storyline for the deliverable. The goal here is to uncover & highlight the USP's within a client's story in a manner that flows naturally.

An icon showing a cog and an arrow, visualizing 'Develop & deliver 1st draft'

4. Develop & deliver 1st draft

Once we've established the storyline, we begin developing the actual deliverable. Our designers work in tandem with analysts to capture the story in a visually appealing, brand-aware, manner.

An icon showing two speech bubbles surrounded by two arrows placed in a circle, visualizing 'Collect feedback and iterate'

5. Collect  feedback and iterate

At this point, it's essential to collect as much feedback as possible to make sure the deliverable aligns with the client's needs. Based on feedback, we continue iterating the deliverable both in terms of design and storyline.

An icon showing a checkmark, visualizing 'Final draft delivery'

6. Final draft delivery

Once the client has no more feedback to provide and is satisfied with the contents of the deliverable, we share the final draft.

An icon showing a screwdriver and a spanner, visualizing 'Support & maintenance'

7. Support & maintenance

Our team is always available to update content, provide advice, and generally support the client after the final draft has been delivered.

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"CORE always go above and beyond"

Working with CORE has enabled our team to focus primarily on speaking with potential clients and fine-tuning the product offering, with the confidence that every touch-point our customers experience will have had that special CORE touch!

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Jamie Khurshid
Group CEO
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"They make my life a lot easier"

The CORE team is helping us in creating an engaging storyline with clear visuals. They essentially facilitate a journey of sharing knowledge, almost like teaching. This creates a much more meaningful level of interaction with our customers and keeps us away from the standard approaches overloaded with excessive data, ratios, tables and graphs.

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Jeroen van Rumund
Director of Institutional Sales
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"One of the best marketing agencies"

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