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We deliver a turnkey Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS) solution for boutique AMs that enables your team to focus on speaking with investors and managing portfolios.

About CORE MaaS

We are (an extension of) your marketing team

Running a boutique fund is increasingly challenging. Competing for investor attention with larger Asset Managers - who all have massive marketing/branding budgets is no easy task. You are typically forced to spend an outsized proportion of time and money if you want to keep up. We provide a scalable, bespoke solution that presents less operational risk at a lower cost.

Strategic Assets

High-impact strategic assets

An icon showing a megaphone with an arrow, visualizing 'Strategic Narrative'

Strategic Narrative

A carefully crafted story that encapsulates your offering in an authentic & differentiated manner, and serves as the defining blueprint for all your future marketing materials.

An icon showing a ribbon with a crown surrounded by arrows, visualizing 'Brand Renewal'

Brand Renewal

A targeted makeover for your brand that takes into consideration your current standpoint, and optimises for the look & feel you need to achieve your next strategic objectives.

An icon showing a computer with a megaphone on it, visualizing 'Sales Enablement Plan'

Sales Enablement Plan

An extensive research-driven roadmap document that highlights how your sales teams can best be supported in their ongoing efforts, in terms of tools, processes and materials.

An icon showing a clipboard with a graph on it next to an 'on-button', visualizing 'Marketing Strategy'

Marketing Strategy

A comprehensive strategy document that highlights relevant channels, mediums, audience insights, tools and KPIs based on your team's current and future sales objectives.

An icon showing a globe, visualizing 'Website'


A state-of-the-art website that educates and converts incoming traffic into qualified leads. Who doesn't quickly check out a firm's digital presence before doing business?

An icon showing a dia projector screen, visualizing 'Pitch Decks'

Pitch Decks

Our signature deliverable. CORE Narrative pitch decks are utilised by the worlds largest & most prestigious Asset Managers to authentically communicate their stories & close customers.

Creative Assets

Stunning creative assets

An icon showing a play button, visualizing 'Videos'

Corporate Video

Visual pitch collateral in video format to  wow your potential customer across all relevant digital channels!

An icon showing an antique film roll with a play icon on top of it, visualizing 'Teasers'

Video Teaser

10 to 30 second animated videos to provide your audiences with a quick glimpse into your fund offering!

An icon showing a paper report, visualizing 'Annual Report'

Annual Report

Visual annual report showcasing your fund data. This can be a dedicated micro site, a video or an old-school PDF. Or all of the above, of course!

An icon showing a hand that goes thumbs up, visualizing 'Social Media Content'

Social Media Templates

All the content requirements for your social media posts on LinkedIn, Instagram and more. Be visible wherever your customers are.

An icon showing a speech bubble with two arrows in a circle, visualizing 'Periodic Updates'

Periodic Updates

Your clients want to stay up-to-date regarding their investments, in terms of performance and other potentially interesting metrics. We create stellar PDFs or microsites that achieve just that.

An icon showing a paper with graphs and text on top of it, visualizing 'Factsheets'


1-2 page factsheets providing investors with all the relevant compliance and statistical data for your funds. We ensure consistency across the board.

Our Process

How we create a tailored solution for you

Every firm has different needs. We believe in highlighting the value we can provide up front, by offering the first two steps in our process for free.

Get started today, for free!
An icon clipboard with a strategic plan on it with the number two above it, visualizing 'Two Strategy Sessions'

1. Two Strategy Sessions - free!

In two separate meetings, we look to deep dive into both your operational strategy and investment thesis. This allows us to assess how we can best complement your strategy, and bring your investment thesis to life.

An icon showing a document with two shaking hands in front of it, visualizing 'Direction and Proposal'

2. Direction and Proposal - free!

We indicate the direction we'd like to take, and how we define the terms of our potential partnership. At this point, it should be clear (from both sides) if there's a coherent fit.

An icon showing a ribbon with a megaphone and arrows inside of it, visualizing 'Strategic Narrative & Branding'

3. Strategic Narrative & Branding

We provide 2 standard deliverables: your Strategic Narrative and a (renewed) Branding Guide. These will serve as the source of truth for all future assets.

An icon showing a dollar sign with an arrow pointing up, visualizing 'Create Assets for Raising'

4. Create Assets for Raising

Establish a suite of marketing assets necessary to close new deals. Highlighting the story with a consistent & integrated narrative alignment.

An icon showing a person inside a arrow that goes full circle, visualizing 'Retention Strategy'

5. Retention Strategy

Raising capital is just the beginning. That's why we deliver a strategy focussed on retention. Including templates and touch-points to provide an unparalleled experience for your clients, creating frequent opportunities to reinforce your story consistently over time.

An icon showing an arrow pointing upwards surrounded by a gear, visualizing 'Optimisation & Execution'

6. Optimisation & Execution

We design and develop the necessary assets to execute on the retention strategy and continuously optimize the raising assets based on analytics, your experience in the field, and client feedback.

An icon showing three plants in their pots, each one larger than the previous, visualizing 'Grow and Scale together'

7. Grow and Scale together

As your fund increases in size and scope, we scale with you to provide the perfect level of support and execution for the next goal on the horizon.

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"CORE always go above and beyond"

Working with CORE has enabled our team to focus primarily on speaking with potential clients and fine-tuning the product offering, with the confidence that every touch-point our customers experience will have had that special CORE touch!

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Jamie Khurshid
Group CEO
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"They make my life a lot easier"

The CORE team is helping us in creating an engaging storyline with clear visuals. They essentially facilitate a journey of sharing knowledge, almost like teaching. This creates a much more meaningful level of interaction with our customers and keeps us away from the standard approaches overloaded with excessive data, ratios, tables and graphs.

A portrait of Jeroen van Rumund
Jeroen van Rumund
Director of Institutional Sales
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"One of the best marketing agencies"

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Sophie Moore
Content Marketing Lead at Instagram
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