CORE Philosophy

Raise & Retain.

In most industries, a client can reasonably assess how satisfied they are with the product soon after the purchase. In Asset Management, a customer would need about 10 years to form a meaningful opinion! However, every investor will experience short-term fluctuations that might cause them to prematurely head for the exit, even if the 10-year performance turns out to be excellent. A unique industry requires a unique approach. One that reimagines raising and retaining.

The standard sales funnel going from Awareness to Consideration, Evaluation, Invest and Retain.
The initial part of the sales funnel is way shorter than the retaining phase.
The problem...

The sales funnel paradox

Many Asset Managers focus primarily on raising new funds from clients, and leave retention as an after-thought. The traditional sales funnel approach makes very little sense in this industry, as it takes just 10 weeks to reach a buying decision versus  10 years of retention to make sure they're truly satisfied! Ultimately, AuM is determined by both inflows and outflows, and the business development strategy should reflect this lopsidedness.

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The solution!

How about an integrated approach, instead?

Retention requires a dedicated strategy that should endure for years as opposed to weeks for a raising campaign. That's why we believe in an integrated approach that ties both strategies together, enabled by the power of story-led differentiation. This approach provides a compelling reason to invest followed by constant & consistent reminders of why they invested that way in the first place.

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What if we turned the linear sales funnel into a integrated, circular one instead?
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Our Mission

Deliver the confidence to be authentic.

We believe investing is imperative, and that finding your perfect portfolio should be a seamless process, where everything just clicks into place. In an ideal world, every stakeholder understands why they invest, what they invest in and who they invest with. Only by achieving this deep conviction in the long term strategy can investors be expected to withstand short term market fluctuations. That’s why it’s our mission to provide the confidence to be authentic - by helping Asset Managers to find their own voice, to stand out and to communicate (without jargon) to the investors that are right for them. 

Today, our work is used to communicate better with investors all over the world. We believe investors are gaining a more fundamental understanding of how their money is being utilised to grow their purchasing power (and sometimes even for the betterment of the world) for the long term.

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Our company's narrative

How we became CORE Raise & Retain

CORE has its offices in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Bangalore, India. The CORE partners have extensive industry expertise spanning investments, design, journalism, branding and marketing.



We founded our firm in 2018 and piloted our services with Robeco and Amundi-Pioneer to kickstart the journey.



We set up our Bangalore, India operations to speed up our delivery time and leverage an in-house design studio.



Pivoted towards working on even more digital deliverables than before.



Launched MaaS to work with boutique AMs to assist their scaling efforts with a turnkey marketing solution.

Trusted by the world’s largest global asset managers.

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Our Values

The core values that drive everything we do

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Everyone has a unique story. We're here to help them tell it. Trust is the name of the game.

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We believe in long-term relationships. Lasting partnerships with clients and colleagues alike.

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Love what you do and you'll never have to work a day in your life.

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Skin in the Game

We like putting our money where our mouth is. Actions speak louder than words, after all.

Our Offices

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We'd love to meet you in person and hear your story over a cup of coffee (or tea!). Too far away? Of course we do online meetings as well!

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Prof. J.H. Bavincklaan 4
1183 AT, Amstelveen
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Bangalore, India

WeWork Prestige Central,
36 Infantry Rd, Karnataka 560001
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